Offspring of Jacadello, Fly and Douglas winners in Stal Hendrix competition

4 June 2022

The second leg of the Stal Hendrix competition brought three new winners. In the four-year-olds class, the Jacadello offspring Notate JDV received the highest points under Ivo Steeghs, while in the other two age classes Melissa (s.Fly) under Rob Heijligers and Lolita (s.Douglas) under Johan Bergs were victorious. The third selection competition is scheduled for next week.

The Jacadello mare Notate JDV, bred by Jean Dresen, took the victory in the four-year-olds class. Under Ivo Steeghs she received an 8.6 for jumping and a 7.9 for rideability of judges Dieter Feltens and Achim Lenaerts. “The winner is a horse with a lot of potential. She has a good take off, has a good technique in the hindleg every time and shows a lot of quality. Sometimes she is still a bit uneven in the front leg, but she is definitely a horse for the future”, tells Achim. Nirvana AS (s.Diesel GP du Bois, breeder Family Arninkhof) finished in second place with an 8.3 and 8.2 under Don Willemsen. “This horse also jumps with a lot of power and has great rideability. On the jump he shows good reflexes and he has a good canter.” With an 8.4 and a 7.9, Alfred RG (s.Agana van het Gerendal Z, breeder Rob Gradussen) under Jada Golsteijn took the third place in this class. “All three horses have a lot of quality. This horse also showed its potential. In general, we have had quality horses in this class of which the rideability was not optimal yet, but of course they are only four-year-old horses and the potential is certainly there.”

Clear rounds
Rob Heijligers performed well with his future talents in the five-year-olds class. In this two-phase course, he took the victory with the Fly mare Melissa (breeder G. Litjens), while ended up on the second place with Oxana by Diamant Z (s.Ogano Sitte). Johan Bergs jumped with Mariekske (s.Edinburgh) to the third result. That same rider generously took the win in the six-year-olds class aboard the Douglas mare Lolita O.A. (breeder Oebele Anema). Bergs crossed the finish line almost three seconds earlier than La Luna B (s.Eldorado van de Zeshoek) who was runner-up under Renee de Weert. Just like winner Lolita, also the as third placed La Nulana K, who is ridden by Manon Hees, is sired by Douglas. The third leg of the Stal Hendrix competition is scheduled for Thursday the 9th of June in Meerlo, the last one will be organized on the 22nd of June in Reuver, after which the best horses per class will be invited for the final in July.