- Annual international foal auction since 2000 -

In 2012 the Limburg Foal Auction entered a new era. For eleven years the organisation was in the hands of the Stichting Limburgse Veulenveiling (Limburg Foal Auction Foundation). In 2012 the Limburg Foal Auction was organised by Stal Hendrix for the first time. Stal Hendrix also thus committed itself fully to the breeders in Limburg. They are given the possibility to enable their foal to find its way in the world. The aim of the Limburg Foal Auction is to provide a sales channel for breeders in Limburg.

The auction has gained a very international character. More than 40 percent of the foals were sold abroad. Interested parties from 29 different countries followed the auction via the live stream website.