Date of Birth:  December 5th 1955
Place of Birth: Heel en Panheel, the Netherlands
Wife: Hilde
Children: Valerie, Timothy & Emily

Sporting achievements:

1996:   Olympic Games, Atlanta
1986:   World Equestrian Games, Aken

European Championships:

1999:   Hickstead, team 3rd 
1997:   Mannheim, indiv. 9th, team 2nd
1995:   St. Gallen, indiv. 8th, team 6th
1993:   Gijon, team 5th
1991:   La Baule, team 1st
1989:   Rotterdam, team 4e
1985:   Dinard, indiv. 14th, team 5th
1981:   Munchen, indiv. 4th, team 3rd

Dutch Championships:

1986:    2nd
1985:    Nationaal Champion
1984:    Nationaal Champion

Grand Prix victories:

2002:   Geesteren
2001:   San Patrignano
2000:   Eindhoven
1999:   Zuidlaren
1999:   Wiesbaden
1997:   Geneva
1996:   Leeuwarden
1994:   Falsterbo

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Team player with years of experience in the sport and trading

For more than a quarter of a century Emile Hendrix was part of the absolute top of the Dutch show jumping sport. The horses Finesse and Livius are inseparably associated with his name. Through his success in the sport he met many clients. As well as riding well, Emile can also network well. He is known as a true team player; in his sporting career just as in business. For more than 35 years he has been part of a team with his brother Paul.

At the business in Baarlo, where the foundations of Stal Hendrix were laid, the emphasis lies on sport and training. International riders willingly come, often for longer periods of time, to Emile in order to become even better in their trade. Emile is supported in his busy lifestyle by his wife Hilde, who too was previously a successful rider.

From 2005 to 2013 Emile was Sports Director Jumping on the CHIO Rotterdam Board. He played an important role in the recent revamping of the five-star competition.