The story of Stal Hendrix is truly a family story. A story with wonderful anecdotes and clear visions, with audacity and skill. A close-knit family where everything is about horses. Everything, absolutely everything. Because only then can such a business, that has been built up over the years, be realised. For that, both focus and devotion are necessary.

Emile Hendrix - Over Ons

The story begins with Ton Hendrix. About 55 years ago. He is breeder of coldbloods. He later switches over to breeding riding horses. That is when the foundations were laid for the now worldwide renowned trading stable Stal Hendrix. Sons Paul and Emile had equestrianism spoon-fed to them. Before they know it they are sitting on a pony. They hunger for more. The transfer to horses is quickly made. In 1977 Paul and Emile join the business. A logical step.

Paul Hendrix - Over ons

Over 35 years they develop Stal Hendrix into a renown all-round equestrian business specialised in jumping horses. Emile is one of the top riders in The Netherlands and even made it to the Olympic Games. Paul fulfils his job as trader with fervour, and together they form a successful duo. For a long time Stal Hendrix had just one location. This changed in 2005. The business outgrew its location. It was decided to build a new complex in Kessel, just three minutes from the home base in Baarlo. Emile runs Baarlo, Paul runs Kessel


Both brothers have children and in the meantime the new generation has made itself known. Michel, Paul’s son, is Grand Prix rider. He has claimed many victories, especially with the horses Wait and See and Noble. Timothy, Emile’s son, also competes at the highest level. He has already won the Grand Prix in De Warre and Roosendaal with his horses Vita R and Very Nice. In their twenties, both are driven sportsmen who can rely on the support of their father and uncle.


With Michel and Timothy, the family story continues. In that story selling horses is the most important factor. Bringing the right horse to the right rider, or the other way around. That is where Stal Hendrix’s strength lies. 


They make use of a stock of some 400 horses and a large international network. That is why the customer can confidently assume that he will find the perfect horse. A horse that lives up to, or even exceeds, expectations. In a manner that is committed and honest. Whether it is a young horse or a talented horse that can immediately perform at Grand Prix level.